November 29, 2023

The iVerse Vision Advantage for Blockchain Infrastructure

The iVerse Vision Advantage for Blockchain Infrastructure

At iVerse Vision, one of the key ways that we support innovation is through providing a range of reliable and advanced Web3 infrastructure.

Decentralized, transparent, and secure

iVerse Vision is far more than just a staking provider.

Since our early days as Istari Vision, we have proven to be a major force in shaping and safeguarding the Web3 ecosystem as a leading community validator. However, our commitment to laying the groundwork for disruptive new technologies doesn’t stop there.

We also support dedicated Web3 builders, valuable new DeFi protocols, and exciting cross-chain connections.

That’s why Infrastructure is one of iVerse Vision’s four core pillars:

To honor today’s launch of our new Infrastructure webpage, let’s check out all the ways iVerse Vision is at the forefront of Web3 infrastructure.

A leader in staking

Web3 is all about community, freedom, and innovation.

But none of this is possible without solid underlying infrastructure to securely support new technology and use cases.

iVerse Vision has been a top-rated staking provider for MultiversX (formerly Elrond) from its early days, when our founders identified this blockchain as a groundbreaking protocol with the potential to push the entire Web3 space forward.

Proof-of-stake blockchains like MultiversX require a decentralized ecosystem of validators like iVerse Vision to provide a reliable foundation for the chain to safely process transactions. In return, we generate regular staking fees that we share with our community of over 5000 delegators. After almost five years of operation, we continue to host over 130 mainnet nodes with zero downtime and a 100% node rating.

Since this process is non-custodial, users who stake with iVerse Vision maintain full ownership of their EGLD. With currently $30,000,000+ in managed assets and $8,000,000+ in rewards distributed, the stability of our staking network has proven to be very lucrative for the community.

Yet while we are proud of our track record as a staking trailblazer, this is only one aspect of the technology we deliver.

Supporting builders and DeFi

iVerse Vision’s broad range of infrastructure reflects our holistic approach to growing Web3.

In addition to safeguarding and shaping the MultiversX ecosystem with our mainnet nodes, we also host a significant amount of devnet and testnet nodes.

The primary focus? Supporting Web3 builders and innovators.

Before a product launches on the mainnet of any blockchain, it requires extensive testing in a controlled environment to identify and address any bugs or vulnerabilities. The stakes are extremely high, as hackers can exploit a single weakness in a smart contract or application to drain an entire protocol and cause irreversible damage to the reputation of an ecosystem. For this reason, we are very diligent to provide a reliable foundation for builders to perform crucial battle testing.

Beyond mainnet, devnet, and testnet nodes, iVerse Vision also has become a key player in the world of liquid staking.

Popularized by protocols such as Lido on Ethereum, liquid staking empowers investors to unlock their staked liquidity so they can earn additional yields. iVerse Vision works closely with DeFi projects such as Hatom Protocol and JewelSwap to support novel liquid staking solutions like $sEGLD.

While liquid staking projects can expand over time to include more staking providers, they need to select the most trustworthy partners available to successfully bootstrap their protocol. That’s why we were honored to be among the first names chosen by DeFi visionaries like Hatom on their journey to elevate the blockchain ecosystem.

iVerse Vision as a multi-chain pioneer

Our infrastructure isn’t just focused on elevating the MultiversX ecosystem. We also provide the groundwork to expand it and connect it to new frontiers— and this is only the beginning.

In particular, iVerse Vision is one of a select group of validators that support the MultiversX Bridge. Our relayer nodes provide the steady foundation to unite MVX with other networks such as Ethereum.

Through initiatives like this, we demonstrate our commitment to building bridges between ecosystems and projects to encourage new synergies, new liquidity flows, and new innovations.

As we expand from our home base of MultiversX to include additional blockchains, we look forward to delivering even more cross-chain infrastructure that adds significant value for all involved stakeholders.

While we cannot reveal more details yet, we can confirm that we will bring our same trustworthy approach and execution with us wherever we go in the world of Web3. Stay tuned!

The future is now

iVerse Vision already has some exciting new resources in the works. We are not only leveling up our Web3 infrastructure, but also exploring how to bring the iVerse Vision advantage to Web2 and hybrid systems such as API frameworks.

Overall, our future focus is to plug the gap between new innovative technologies and the infrastructure required to make those a reality. Our aim is to expand our support in areas such as multi-chain validator infrastructure, restaking, oracle & indexing, and data availability protocols.

By supporting the next generation of builders with reliable, high-performance infrastructure, iVerse Vision helps bring the full potential of blockchain to life. Although this technology might sound very advanced to some audiences, we are dedicated to supporting use cases that can benefit all types of users regardless of their technical background.

For more information, make sure to visit our new Infrastructure webpage.

And if you want to find out more about how iVerse Vision can help level up your blockchain infrastructure, we look forward to getting in touch!

Unlocking the full potential of Web3

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