October 26, 2023

A New Paradigm: xDay 2023 Recap by iVerse Vision

A New Paradigm: xDay 2023 Recap by iVerse Vision

After returning from xDay 2023 in Bucharest, Romania, the iVerse Vision Team is more optimistic than ever about the future of blockchain and the MultiversX ecosystem. Read on for our highlights, key takeaways, and more!

Pushing boundaries in Bucharest

One year ago at the Palais Brongniart in Paris, xDay 2022 ignited the blockchain community as MultiversX announced their new brand and core products. This year at the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest, xDay 2023 reached a whole new level with even more builders, partnerships, and reasons to be optimistic about the ecosystem.

Held at a vast and historic location in the capital of Romania, xDay 2023 brought together 2200+ public and private sector leaders, Web3 professionals, and blockchain enthusiasts from around the world. In addition to Web3, the event celebrated the progress and potential of other transformative technology such as AI and the Metaverse.

This year’s xDay marked a huge milestone for our company: Istari Vision is now called iVerse Vision to better reflect our work as a full-service blockchain solutions provider. In addition to a new color scheme, the brand’s tree logo has been updated with a more sharp and angular design to represent the power of Web3 and the stability of iVerse Vision as an infrastructure provider. For more information, make sure to check out the new iVerse Vision website.

A new wave of innovation

xDay 2023 was a great time to look forward to new horizons and share major achievements from the past year. Some of these landmarks were already released to the public, such as MultiversX’s Guardians on-chain 2FA security feature and Agora governance system. xPortal, the Web3 super app, also announced an update about their non-custodial debit cards powered by xMoney with xDay attendees eligible for a special edition card.

Some updates from xDay also came as a pleasant surprise. For example, xPortal announced they will be implementing cross-chain swaps directly from the app. With peer-to-peer fiat payments and multi-currency European IBANs coming to xPortal in 2024, this app is in a unique position to bridge the crypto and fiat worlds. Aligning with AI as one of the themes of the week, xPortal also announced a new AI-powered assistant known as xGenie.

“Standing at the crossroads of our time, three special technologies rise above all others: blockchain, AI, and spatial computing.”

-Beniamin Mincu • MultiversX CEO

In another AI news, the MultiversX Team also revealed xAI: an upcoming suite of tools that will help builders streamline development and test their products. This toolkit will also include a GPT4 assistant that can help developers answer questions by leveraging MultiversX documentation and community questions.

Another major product announcement was Inspir3, which is a Web3 engagement and loyalty program built on MultiversX with the support of Itheum and xMoney. Users will be able to earn secure and decentralized rewards through the use of a cutting-edge digital companion NFT. With an initial focus on Romania, this brand already has partnerships in place with major businesses such as Starbucks and Ikea.

xDay also featured breakthroughs for other previously-announced products like xFabric. First revealed at xDay 2022, xFabric is a Web3 operating system that allows non-technical builders like content creators, educators, retail brands, and events to launch apps without needing to write any code. The core team announced this year in Bucharest that xFabric is now available in Private Beta, meaning a full rollout for this game-changing tool is just around the corner.

Beyond product news, there were also some exciting updates about the MultiversX protocol itself. Adrian Dobrita, who serves as Head of Engineering, took the stage on October 19th to share some very positive news about how this blockchain is set to become even more powerful. Adrian spoke about the much-anticipated Staking v4 update coming with the Vega release, and how this milestone will make it even more accessible and rewarding to be a staking provider. Plus, MVX is targeting even more groundbreaking scalability with goals of 1-second block times, 100k TPS per shard, and 4 seconds for cross-shard finality.

High-potential partnerships

xDay isn’t just about sharing achievements from within the ecosystem. It’s about pushing to new frontiers, making new connections, and expanding what is considered possible in Web3. That’s why xDay 2023 featured a range of new partnerships between the MultiversX Foundation and top-tier companies from Europe, the US, and Asia.

“With MultiversX's very scalable sharding mechanism, layer twos are not even that necessary, so that is a very good bonus for enabling the next billion users.”

-Tobias Jung • Deutsche Telekom Business Development Lead

As part of a new strategic partnership with Google Cloud, MultiversX builders will receive a healthy supply of credits for Google Cloud services. This news is great for MVX developers, as Google Cloud pledged to deliver comprehensive support including VC introductions, fundraising, hackathons, and workshops for the community. Deutsche Telekom also will be incorporating MultiversX into their blockchain infrastructure, securing the network by becoming a validator, and exploring how to onboard users to more Web3 products.

By integrating MultiversX into Axelar, the chain is now connected with 50 other networks. This partnership improves interoperability and makes it easier to connect liquidity with other blockchains. Amazon Web Services is another exciting new partner, as they pledged on the xDay main stage to support Web3 startups on MultiversX and help accelerate growth with their advanced infrastructure. Additionally, SwingXYZ announced they are integrating MultiversX and connecting the network to EVM for streamlined swaps and powerful new DeFi possibilities.

Tech powerhouse Tencent Cloud also announced funding for gaming projects on MultiversX and one-click node deployment with their cloud systems. And in yet another next-level collaboration, Runtime Verification revealed they are launching a universal Zero-Knowledge rollup on MultiversX known as PI². This innovative solution will seamlessly and securely connect MultiversX with all programming languages and virtual machines, so that developers can build better apps faster and ultimately attract more users to Web3.

Bringing people together

Uniting the wide world of Web3, xDay was a great way for community members from all over the world to connect. Whether making new friends, meeting online acquaintances for the first time in real life, or forging bold partnerships with other builders, Bucharest was the #1 place to be in the blockchain world last week.

To honor this spirit of camaraderie and collaboration, iVerse Vision held a special VIP side event called xOdyssey. This exclusive networking evening was held on on October 20th and was made possibly by the generous support of AshSwap, DX25, holoride, VortX DAO, and xoxno. Featuring food, drinks, and friendly conversations, xOdyssey was a great way for tech leaders to connect and discuss potential synergies between different projects, industries, and ecosystems.

Battle of the builders

xDay 2023 marked another special moment for the ecosystem: the first-ever MultiversX hackathon! With up to $1,000,000 in prizes and funding up for grabs, iVerse Vision supported the xDay Hackathon through Entity, our Growth Engine for Web3. As DeFi Track sponsor for the competition, Entity team members served on the judges panel, delivered an Innovation Stage keynote, and provided mentorship and support throughout the event.

Overall, the xDay Hackathon was a major success. 150 projects participated across 6 core tracks, with 1000+ hackers joining from 70 different countries. The Entity Team enjoyed working closely with the hardcore builders competing in the DeFi Track, and Entity’s developers also released a special workshop video about building hybrid apps.

We applaud DeFi Builder, Autoscale, Refracto, and Turbo DeFi for finishing as the top four DeFi projects, as well as all of the other participants who made this event special. Click here for more info about all of the top Hackathon projects.

Community is king

In addition to the Hackathon, xDay 2023 also featured the second-ever MultiversX Community Awards. The community voted for their favorite ecosystem projects across 12 different categories such as Best Social Impact Project and Best Real-World Applicable Project.

For a full list of winners, click here. Community builders are what bring the Web3 ecosystem to life, and it’s great to see so many talented founders, developers, and visionaries leveraging the power of MultiversX. Congratulations to all of the winning projects!

It’s time to keep pushing forward

Overall, xDay 2023 represented a great opportunity to celebrate recent milestones and coordinate next steps for maximum impact. With an increased focus on AI, groundbreaking new partnerships, and an increasingly powerful Web3 foundation, the future is bright for the MultiversX ecosystem moving toward next year’s Bitcoin halving event.

xDay in Bucharest was a reminder that great things are possible when builders work together, and that we should watch carefully for real progress in the ecosystem beyond just following day-to-day price action. The iVerse Vision rebrand is an important step toward accelerating that progress, and we are excited to share more key updates soon with the community about how we will help Web3 reach new heights.

Unlocking the full potential of Web3

Founded in 2019, iVerse Vision is a full-service Web3 solutions provider based in Cham, Switzerland. The company’s team has extensive experience maintaining high-performance infrastructure, developing cutting-edge products and educational content, and incubating blockchain startups across a wide range of industries such as DeFi, GameFi, and Metaverse.

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