November 1, 2023
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iVerse Vision: The Future is Multichain

iVerse Vision: The Future is Multichain

iVerse Vision is expanding its mission to new frontiers as part of our brand transformation. Discover why we believe this is important, and what it means for the future of iVerse Vision!

Fueling growth on MultiversX and beyond

Since our foundation in 2019, iVerse Vision (formerly Istari Vision) has been a champion of the MultiversX Network. We provide highly reliable infrastructure, incubate innovative projects within the ecosystem, and lead the largest German-speaking community for this groundbreaking blockchain.

This will remain a key priority for our team moving forward. However, we also recognize that the future of Web3 is multifaceted.

iVerse Vision already provides dependable cross-chain infrastructure for the MultiversX Bridge that connects this blockchain with several other leading Web3 ecosystems.

Now, we are ready to take this commitment even further.

iVerse Vision: Cross-chain pioneers

The Web3 space is not a zero-sum game. Many builders, projects, and investors have realized that the push for blockchain mass adoption requires cooperation and respect for one another, rather than tribalism and maximalism.

This way, different ecosystems can work together to:

  • Collaborate on exciting new uses cases
  • Improve interoperability
  • Reduce liquidity fragmentation
  • Push the entire blockchain space forward

With this in mind, iVerse Vision is carefully curating new expansion opportunities based on valuable synergies. Our cross-chain focus is on supporting cutting-edge infrastructure and seamlessly integrating new technologies across our ecosystem of partners.

“In order to best achieve our mission, iVerse Vision is ready to take on additional responsibility as a leader in Web3 and coordinator between multiple protocols, use cases, and communities.”

-Wolfgang Rückerl • iVerse Vision CEO

As a comprehensive Web3 incubator, many of our services are chain-agnostic and can empower partners building anywhere in the blockchain space. Whether assisting with legal incorporation, business strategy, project management, marketing, or beyond, the same principles apply in regard to how iVerse Vision can help level up your business.

Our growth story continues

As we embrace the possibility of incubating more cross-chain projects, our mission is to leverage our services to support key missing pieces within these new ecosystems. While we remain passionate supporters of the MultiversX blockchain, we also want to push the boundaries and help connect this network far and wide.

Our work as custodians of the MultiversX Bridge is only the beginning, as we prepare to forge new partnerships that elevate the entire Web3 space and bring added value to our network of collaborators.

We believe that this is the best path forward for all involved stakeholders on the road to blockchain mass adoption. And while our vision is expanding, we remain laser-focused on empowering the Web3 community of today and tomorrow.

Stay tuned for more details in the coming months, including some exciting announcements and new partners. In the meantime, we recommend you check out our Incubation page and reach out if you have any questions about the benefits of working with iVerse Vision.

Unlocking the full potential of Web3

Founded in 2019, iVerse Vision is a full-service Web3 solutions provider based in Cham, Switzerland. The company’s team has extensive experience maintaining high-performance infrastructure, developing cutting-edge products and educational content, and incubating blockchain startups across a wide range of industries such as DeFi, GameFi, and Metaverse.

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Edward Leavy

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