November 8, 2023
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iVerse Vision: The Story Behind Our Transformation

iVerse Vision: The Story Behind Our Transformation

After four years of Web3 innovation as Istari Vision, we transformed into iVerse Vision last month to mark a new chapter of growth. But what’s the inside story behind our new name and design- and how exactly are we leveling up and evolving?

iVerse Vision: empowering the blockchain universe

In Web3, relentless progress is the name of the game.

The driving factor behind our rebrand to iVerse Vision was our tireless pursuit of innovation. Once we decided to evolve in order to better reflect this commitment, we wanted to find a name that captures our overarching mission of unlocking blockchain’s full potential.

‘iVerse’ represents our place in the Web3 universe as pioneers, educators, bridge builders, and innovators. As our ecosystem grows, this network continues to form a vibrant constellation of diverse builders in different verticals and different communities. We work with all sorts of high-potential projects from around the world who have unique ideas and are laser-focused on pushing the boundaries of Web3.

As we discussed in our blog post from last week, our universe is growing. iVerse Vision is excited to expand our frontiers to include not just partnerships, integrations, and infrastructure on MultiversX, but also other leading blockchains as well. While MVX will remain our home base in this expanding multichain world, we are looking forward to connecting projects across different ecosystems to deliver shared value for all involved stakeholders.

With our updated company name, we decided to keep the same initials as before. The continuity of remaining ‘IV’ was important for staying connected to our roots from when we first formed Istari Vision back in 2019. Additionally, the ‘i’ in iVerse represents the first letter of our four key business areas: Infrastructure, Incubation, Innovation, and Instruction.

Our new logo: stability, strength, and vitality

From the Apple logo to the Nike ‘swoosh’, it’s clear that visual representation can go a long way toward bringing the essence of a brand to life.

That’s why, after much careful consideration, we created a new logo for iVerse Vision that fully captures our mission and guiding principles in the blockchain world. Just like with our updated name, we wanted something that brings continuity from our original identity while also highlighting the exciting new opportunities of this ongoing transformation.

Similar to the Istari Vision logo, the new iVerse Vision symbol is based around a tree that symbolizes sustainable growth and the vast potential of decentralized technology.

However, the revamped IV tree now features a more modern and high-tech design. Its new, sharp angles represent the power of Web3 as a cutting-edge technology and catalyst for new innovation. This angular design also shows the reliability and soundness of iVerse Vision’s infrastructure, such as our validator nodes with zero downtime.

While we preserved our original background color of blue for continuity, we changed the logo from black and white into full color in order to better reflect the vibrancy of our growing ecosystem.

iVerse.Vision: more accessibility, more power

When redesigning our website, the iVerse Vision Team wanted to make our wide range of Web3 solutions easily accessible for all audiences. Factoring in the additional complexity of the rapidly evolving blockchain space, this was certainly no easy task.

However, the new webpage now covers these details in a more sleek and interactive way. Our content will be laid out across four main sub-pages, following a modern design and corresponding to our four core pillars. We are updating all of our information to cover both the latest developments in the tech world, as well as our expanded focus and new multi-chain vision.

From a technical perspective, iVerse.Vision is also more advanced and user-friendly than our previous homepage. While our former site used WordPress as a foundation, we wanted to find a better tool that is more collaborative and more customizable. We ended up selecting the Webflow platform for several reasons, including enhanced performance, lower maintenance, and additional security.

Never stop improving

Despite our recent updates and improvements, we can say for sure that the best is still yet to come for iVerse Vision.

We look forward to announcing more sub-pages going live in the near future as we finish constructing the new IV website. Additionally, stay tuned for more new partnerships, ecosystem initiatives, and product launches from iVerse Vision as well.

As we move closer to the next bitcoin halving event in early 2024, the pieces are falling into place for both our ecosystem and the overall Web3 space. Now, it’s time to build like never before.

If you want to know what chapter comes next in the iVerse growth story, make sure to follow us on X and join our Telegram community now!

Unlocking the full potential of Web3

Founded in 2019, iVerse Vision is a full-service Web3 solutions provider based in Cham, Switzerland. The company’s team has extensive experience maintaining high-performance infrastructure, developing cutting-edge products and educational content, and incubating blockchain startups across a wide range of industries such as DeFi, GameFi, and Metaverse.

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